Sunday, August 14, 2011

"You is Kind"

Since I heard that there was a movie coming out based on the book, "The Help". Everyone has been telling me left and right to read it. Admittedly, I didn't get the book until Thursday and then made plans to see the movie Saturday so unfortunately, finishing the book is still a work in progress. But, I love the story.

We made plans to go see the movie with some of our favorite families yesterday and it seemed as if we filled that theater. The Turners, Neels, Buhlers, Fredricksons, Freemans, Wrights, and McKoys had a night full of The Help.

I loved the movie and how it was based on a story that was so real and emotional yet, I was smiling throughout the whole thing. You can't help but love Minny's excentric sense of humor, Celia Foote's quirky personality, Miss Walter's gumption, Aibileen's kindness and Skeeter's drive. Together, they all made for some great entertainment.

I have to say my favorite part of the whole story though is the confidence and good values that the maids teach the little ones. When Constantine taught Skeeter about what ugly really is and when Aibileen teaches Mae Mobley to remember, "I is kind, I is smart, I is important." I think we all need those reminders sometimes and may even need to remind others of those important lessons from time to time.

After seeing the movie everyone headed to our house for some good chocolate pie (without that special ingredient). The men lounged in the family room, some played games and others had meaningful conversations. I think we all felt pretty good about ourselves at the the end of the night. As mentioned as the final people went out the door: "good movie, good pie, good friendships". I think that's how all of us felt as we went to bed that night.

Now even though I'm still working on the book, some of those in attendance last night got the idea to fry up some chicken with Crisco as a Sunday night treat. (In addition to Trina's waffles!) And so continues the celebration of The Help.

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  1. oh stop it. I'm so jealous. That sounds so fun! LOVED the book.