Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Because

Yesterday was a good day just because.

Just because I finished all my homework on time.
Just because I felt good about my outfit.
Just because I got out of 2 of my classes early.
Just because I made worthwhile comments in class.
Just because I sat outside with Katherine eating lunch.
Just because the weather was beautiful (and has been all week).
Just because I got a brownie in class.
Just because Annie called to see if I wanted some cinnamon bears.
Just because I ran into Tanner on campus.
Just because I got all my groceries for $25 using a student discount.
Just because I got free dinner at a barbeque.
Just because I thought I discreetly played a prank but got caught.
Just because I met people I only saw pictures of in London.
Just because Grey's Anatomy started.
Just because I have great friends who will talk to me when I'm freaking out.

Yesterday was a good day just because. 


  1. i'm glad i could make your day a good day. :)
    love this post.

  2. you are such an inspiration! i miss you