Sunday, September 11, 2011

ten years ago today...

Every year on September 11th, everyone has a moment to remember what happened one morning ten years ago. I think it brings a little twinge of patriotism and a pause to think about where you were. 

Personally, I remember that day (as everyone does). Every detail of that day. I remember a kindergardener telling me what happened, and my mom explaining it later on our walk home from the bus stop. I remember my classmates getting pulled out of class, and my counselor telling me it was just a beautiful day for people to be with their kids so we wouldn't freak out. I remember sitting in front of the tv watching the same thing over and over again. I remember hearing about my friends parents who were working downtown or sitting on a plane somewhere. I remember the confusion. 

But more so than anything else, I remember what happened after that. There was a silence and an eerie calm, but then peoples flags were outside. Our neighborhood had small flags at every mailbox. There was a shared sense of patriotism that we all felt. 

The word patriotism evokes images of red, white and blue. I think of barbeques and fireworks. I think of the pledge of allegiance and flags. But I think on that day it meant so much more and has continued to have a deeper meaning since. 

It's a shared identity. A shared cause. A shared appreciation. And a shared emotion. 

It unites us. We are one nation under God. 

Since 9/11, patriotic songs make me tear up. Seeing flags lining the outside of a neighborhood makes me smile. Hearing stories of peoples lives and how it has affected them makes me appreciate so much the patriotism we share. 

People will always have varying opinions about politics and different ideals but I think that 9/11 truly brought out the values that we all share and that is what we need to remember. 

Here are, so far, some of my favorite 9/11 commemorations:

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