Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy news...

I've started to compose this post many times, and have been thinking about it for even longer. 
There's no beating around the bush though.
It is what it is.

I have some happy news to share!
This week I'm (hopefully) submitting my papers. 
Mission papers that is. 
Me too.
But here we go!

I have felt so anxious for the past month and have been so secretive!
My own parents were even out of the loop in the beginning.
But now they're about to burst because they want to spread the news. 
It's out! 
I, Sara Turner, am serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Who woulda thought?

I've known for a month or two but have been seriously shushed about it all.
While the news has started to spread, I thought I should make a formal blog announcement.
So there you go folks.
It's happening.
I'm thrilled, anxious, nervous, excited, calm, sure, optimistic and happy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

summer's over, falls here, celebrate the season

I've broken out my boots, sweaters are now required rather than optional, I wear socks to bed and I do a good shiver every time I get in the car.

It's fall.

I'm not sure I'm ready to store my flipflops and shorts away (just in case it warms up 50 degrees in one night).  But I'll accept that maybe it's time to embrace fall fashions of layers, leggings and scarves.

Wear a costume, pig out on candy, watch a scary movie (don't see paranormal activity 3 though. i'm terrorized still), carve a pumpkin and have a great Halloween :)

Ps: one of those cheesy blog announcements will be happening soon. get excited.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Afternoon in the Park

In the midst of a weekend full of scary movies, haunted corn mazes and all things terrifying... 
I had a play date with my cousin Cambree.

We decided to hang out at the park where we watched and fed ducks, practiced our leaps, sorted apples, slid down slides, swung on swings, and walked in empty fountains.

Our conversation included topics like learning to share at school, halloween costumes, dancing, fashion, sparkles and all things princesses. 
We finished off the afternoon by getting some McDonalds. A perfect afternoon full of giggles and hand holding.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

what i know for sure: fall edition

I know that nights at slab with friends is sometimes just what you need

I know Pumped up Kicks is my song lately

I know warm, sunny days that require sunglasses are the best days

I know decorating for halloween made our apartment oh so charming

I know late nights in the library don't have to be all business

I know that driving with the windows down belting Someone Like You is better than therapy

I know I have an unhealthy love for clothes and fashion blogs

I know a gift of chocolate covered cinnamon bears is the best gift

I know that a chipotle/nordstrom rack trip is the perfect saturday activity

I know while the decision to get guacamole at chipotle is a tough one- it's always worth it

I know that my desk has proven impossible to keep organized

I know I love finishing the Sudoku's in the Daily Universe 

I know I'm finally accepting the fall weather, boots and all

I know I'll probably never stop missing London, or perking up the second someone mentions it

I know I should by writing my talk for church tomorrow

I know getting a letter from Quincy where she says she wishes she had a third arm that was a vacuum is fantastic

I know scarves are my favorite accessory

I know I always miss Virginia this time of year

I know the answer to the call at 10:30pm asking if I want to go to Sammy's will always be yes

I know cuddling on the couch with my roommates is bliss