Friday, October 28, 2011

summer's over, falls here, celebrate the season

I've broken out my boots, sweaters are now required rather than optional, I wear socks to bed and I do a good shiver every time I get in the car.

It's fall.

I'm not sure I'm ready to store my flipflops and shorts away (just in case it warms up 50 degrees in one night).  But I'll accept that maybe it's time to embrace fall fashions of layers, leggings and scarves.

Wear a costume, pig out on candy, watch a scary movie (don't see paranormal activity 3 though. i'm terrorized still), carve a pumpkin and have a great Halloween :)

Ps: one of those cheesy blog announcements will be happening soon. get excited.


  1. oh fall..... what a season.

    cheesy announcement..... hmmmmmm?
    i think you're in love <3