Saturday, October 15, 2011

what i know for sure: fall edition

I know that nights at slab with friends is sometimes just what you need

I know Pumped up Kicks is my song lately

I know warm, sunny days that require sunglasses are the best days

I know decorating for halloween made our apartment oh so charming

I know late nights in the library don't have to be all business

I know that driving with the windows down belting Someone Like You is better than therapy

I know I have an unhealthy love for clothes and fashion blogs

I know a gift of chocolate covered cinnamon bears is the best gift

I know that a chipotle/nordstrom rack trip is the perfect saturday activity

I know while the decision to get guacamole at chipotle is a tough one- it's always worth it

I know that my desk has proven impossible to keep organized

I know I love finishing the Sudoku's in the Daily Universe 

I know I'm finally accepting the fall weather, boots and all

I know I'll probably never stop missing London, or perking up the second someone mentions it

I know I should by writing my talk for church tomorrow

I know getting a letter from Quincy where she says she wishes she had a third arm that was a vacuum is fantastic

I know scarves are my favorite accessory

I know I always miss Virginia this time of year

I know the answer to the call at 10:30pm asking if I want to go to Sammy's will always be yes

I know cuddling on the couch with my roommates is bliss

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