Wednesday, November 9, 2011

city life

Sometimes I just really miss living in a city. Provo is a charming little place but it just isn't a bustling, eccentric, exciting city.

I miss it most when I just want to stop on my way to work for a quick breakfast at the place right down the street (paul rhodes). Or I miss it when I take public transportation for special occasions rather than as a necessity. Or when I'm spending the evening on the Georgetown waterfront wishing that could be my nightly hang out. I hate driving everywhere rather than walking or having getting there be half the fun. I miss stopping by a market for that special treat you've been craving. Or just taking a trip to see a landmark just because it makes you feel at home for a little bit. I miss walking fast and not getting any grief for it. I miss sitting in that quiet place that the city keeps secret just to reflect for a minute.

It's safe to say I'm a city girl. I like getting lost in the crowd, maneuvering through the masses and feeling a part of something that is bigger than just me. Don't get me wrong, Provo is great and all but I'm just missing the city life.

A city according to Alec Baldwin: (yeah... alec baldwin)
has a symphony of diversity with a harmony that is entirely it's own,
where you can at once disappear, and be discovered,
where private isolation is part of the public trust

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