Monday, December 5, 2011

the day i was asked to go to paris

I know I mentioned so passively that I was called to serve a mission in Paris, but here's more of the story.

The day my call was anticipated to come was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. A bittersweet occasion if you ask me. Most my friends had gone home for the break but my family happened to all be in town. My dad flew in that very morning and arrived right in time for the mail. 

I was alone in my apartment most of the morning trying to process what that day could mean. I checked the mail at least 3 times before my family got there to wait with me. Our mail usually gets to my apartment between 11:30 and 12. It came at like 1 that day. Of course. So I was a little peeved to say the least. I did not want to have to wait a whole other week. 

Then my people started to arrive, and I still had no call. Jason stopped the mail lady to ask if she had delivered to my complex yet- which she said she had. (liar). So then Tanner, Lisa and Brittany showed up and chased her down again to ask about it. Lisa... always on top of it! She walked them over to her mail stash and handed it over to them. (We won't talk about the illegal nature of that act). So Tanner waved the envelope in the air as they approached my apartment. 

We waited anxiously for Natalie to drive to Julie's house in Arizona so they could skype with me, for Marcie to get back from the gym, and for Grandma & Sallie to drive from Springville. We took some pictures and made some last minute guesses then I started to open the envelope. My hands were shaking and it was hard to open that dang envelope. But I opened it, got through the first line and then jumped ahead to see where I was going. Paris. 

Should we mention here how perfect that call is for me? I was in a french immersion program in elementary school, took french through middle school and highschool, took a few french classes in college and just returned from a study abroad where we went in Paris. I had a Top 3 List. That list included Paris, London and Temple Square. Who ever gets called to somewhere in their top 3? Oh yeah, no one. 

So then the rest of the day was spent telling people my news and sleeping. 
Emotion Overload.
I'm feeling pretty blessed and loved these days.

I should also mention this cute boy was there. He's just great.
And yes, the coordination may have been intentional. A little bit.

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  1. oh dang.... jason made the blog. big day!!
    so cute. all of it.