Saturday, January 21, 2012


Lately I seem to be constantly living out of a duffel bag. First was winter break then a weekend in Kaysville and then a St George/Vegas weekend. Needless to say, I think it's time to unpack and live in Provo for a little bit. My school work will thank me greatly if I do.

Lately I've become a sports fan. I know. Take a minute to take it all in. Being around Jason, it's inevitable. I have to at least tolerate sports so why not attempt to enjoy them? What does being a sports fan mean? Well, the Sara version of a sports fan goes to a lot of Jazz games, secretly downloads ESPN scorecenter app for my phone, doesn't fall asleep during the playoff football games, and is constantly surprising boy with sports knowledge.

Lately we went to St George/Vegas where we ate, went swimming, browsed Vegas shopping, saw Blue Man group, saw a Zach Galifinakas impersonator (and laughed for about 15 minutes- The Hangover anyone?), and didn't get sick of each other. phew!

Lately I'm over school. Graduation this year can't come soon enough! 4 classes this semester, 2 in the spring and an internship stand between me and being done.

Lately I'm sick of fast food. A girl can only handle so many french fries, chicken nuggets and diet coke. Oh wait, you can never have enough diet coke. But while I may be sick of fast food, I have a new hankering for all candy. I'm getting back into the London habit of always having a treat in my purse. I mean, what's wrong with a treat here and there?

Lately it's cold outside. I hate it. When going from the building to the car I run while squeeling and then anxiously wait for Jason to turn the car on so I can have my seat warmer on. Then I shiver until I have a toasty butt. We can only pray that this winter will go by quickly.

Lately we're decorating for Valentines Day around here. All kinds of hearts everywhere. Mostly pink and heart shaped candy which is quickly becoming a problem... I have little to no self-control when it comes to sweettarts.

Lately I'm watching a whole lot of Gossip Girl. Jesika and I are somewhat addicted to say the least.

Lately, life is good. Really great actually.

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