Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what a stud.

While going home is always incredible, I was leaving this cute boy in Utah and it was sad. Before leaving I nearly begged him to come to Virginia with me and his response was consistently, "I wish I could but I just can't." I would nod my head and try to be understanding but I still wanted him to come. 

We chatted often on the phone, texted constantly and had continual words w/ friends games going. So when Jason told me he would be skiing for a few hours and wouldn't have his phone I was a little bummed to not have continual conversation but, I figured I'd survive.

That night Erin and Shaunessy were over and we started playing Pounce (our family card game) someone suggested getting a treat and Shaunessy and Annie left to go get us all Frosties as we continued to play. Erin tried to leave and I was sick of playing but my parents insisted we play "just one more game". Okay, okay. Annie and Shaunessy came back from their excursion and as they rounded the corner they had Jason rather than frosties. 

I just stared at him.
No screaming.
No running and jumping.
I almost continued playing the game. 
But wait, Jason. In Virginia. 
This is terrible quality but I think my shock is still pretty obvious

This cute boy flew all the way out to Virginia to hang out with me and I had NO idea. Absolutely no hint that he was coming. My family was in on it so naturally so was the whole ward but no one peeped a word. So I was not only surprised but stunned that he showed up after assuring me that he just couldn't come. He didn't tell hardly anyone and was so sneaky, needless to say I'm still impressed. 
What a stud.

So we had the perfect weekend in DC going to all my places and meeting all my people. 

And I just adore him for coming :)


  1. oh my gosh. i am loving this.
    seriously, what a good boy.
    you look beyond happy.
    better keep me posted while i'm in Chile.

  2. i DIE for all these photos and this blog post!! so incredibly happy for you ahhhh!

  3. these pictures are ADORABLE! I love you!