Wednesday, January 4, 2012

winter break 2011

Going home is always a happy occasion. I love being around all my people and my places that I always miss when I'm away. There were lunch dates, shopping trips, returning missionaries, extended car conversations, just dance wars and lots of gossip girl episodes. It's always perfect to be home. And a little sad to leave. 

1. The Turner Family Christmas Tree
2. DC Temple trips with Marcie, Tanner, Roy, Jason, Lisa
3. French inspired jewelry from Annie
4. Accidental free pizza at We, the Pizza with Katherine
5. Babysitting the Buhlers- always a party
6. The best decorated house in Reston
7. Nikki and I cuddling by the fire and Christmas tree while watching Gossip Girl
8. My cute boy Jason in DC
9. Trips to take pictures with the Capitol

 These are my people. Being home together is priceless. 

Now it's back to Provo (and Jerusalem for Miss Marcie). I just have to look forward to the next Virginia trip.

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