Thursday, March 1, 2012

the hairy situation

Since I was a little girl, people have gawked at my hair. I still remember my childhood hairdresser Yooni and her raves over my hair, "your hair so pretty!" I have always threatened with bodily harm if I were to ever color it and have been told that my hair is a hairstylist's dream. 

But if I'm being honest- which is kind of the point of this blog- I didn't like my blonder than blonde hair until I was like a senior in high school. It was too blonde and I wanted to have beautiful strawberry blonde hair. I toyed with the idea of "lowlights" but was always too chicken. 

Now that I love the color, I'm super particular about the cut. I love when my hair is long long long. If it is cut near my shoulder- no way. I cut it before I went to London and hated it until I got home and it finally grew out.
crazy face and hair in Oxford
But here's the dilemma- when my hair finally reaches the desired length, I'm due for a hair cut and I have to start the cycle all over again! I go to get a "trim" where I want "just one inch off" and I end up with a shoulder length hair do. Come ON.

My hair is nearing that point where I need a "trim" and I'm scared.
Please don't take away my hair...

And to give you a good grin on the topic of my hair- I get these curls when I'm at the pool or especially the beach. My dad sure gets a kick out of them. And I obviously hate them. But they're pretty classy. 

Check out them curls (also, i'm not naked. promise.)

I also can't talk hair without putting up this picture of Heather and I. She is the queen of crazy hair and we love her for it.


  1. Beautiful photos!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. YOU DID NOT! hahahaha I love this. And you. And I feel that same dilemma everytime I'm due for a trim. I'm long overdue and just can't go in. Too scared my crazy hair will be cut off. We need to reunite asap. Blake is coming next week. London reunion?

  2. Beautiful pics !!

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