Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Madness

Surprise, surprise- I'm feeling sentimental about where I was a year ago.
Our March Madness consisted of a month of crazy travels. We hit Paris, Wales, Ireland, Belgium, Northern France and Portugal all in one month. Time of my life. So indulge me as I reminisce March 2011:

But this year....
March Madness consists of lots of basketball, buffalo wild wings, a mound of papers to grade, Jason's birthday, spring weather that prompts me to purchase a lot of Sonic drinks during happy hour, 3 class presentations (all in a week), Hunger Games- finished the book 10 mins before leaving for the movie (jackpot.), and all the seasons of Prison Break. 

... and I don't have pictures of a single thing. FAIL

I should also brag that I've made dinner for Jason and I twice this week. It's a new record. I have one well fed boy on my hands. I'm so domestic.
(insert sarcastic eye roll here)

Bring it on April! Maybe I'll take some pictures to prove I have a life. 

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