Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A rare thing happened in the Turner family- we all had a few days where we could manage to take a vacation at the same time. So naturally we took advantage of it. I am between semesters, Annie's done with school for the summer, Mom managed to take a break from her demanding calling, and Dad happened to be out west for work. So we met in California. We stayed in Newport Beach and spent our time shopping, eating, visiting Disneyland, sightseeing and generally just loving being together.

Now we're sadly split up again. Until next time family!

Snow Girls

With my mom in town we found the perfect opportunity for a girls night with the Snow girls, our family is overrun by girls but it was fun to have us all in one place. We took Trax up to City Creek and while our intention was to shop- we spent most of our time at the Cheesecake Factory. There we found Jason and I's twin couple (I would post the stalker picture but how awkward would that be if someone knew them?), we had matching outfits and the same general look. A small preppy blonde with her tall brunette boy, we're still laughing about it. We had a great time laughing and spending some girl time with all the cousins, aunts and grandma. We missed Shalynn, Cambree, Megan and Paula but we'll plan on them coming for the next trip.

Monday, April 23, 2012

instagram says it all

life lately according to my iphone:

1. Popsicles as a suitable alternative to ice
2. Organizing chewy sprees rather than studying
3. Arriving at the Long Beach California airport
4. Casey's delicious cinnamon sugar cupcake from a fabulous Newport mall
5. Annie's new "alfalfa" hairstyle that no one can explain
6. Disneyland and it's magical castle
7. Stumbling upon the Los Angeles Temple on a Sunday afternoon
8. Admiring sunny, warm Provo after a run. (that's right, I ran.)
9. The hassle of getting new windshield wiper blades- Mom made some friends.
10. Buffalo Wing Soda. Who would ever drink this? (Jason probably)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

why i'm smiling

This picture. All of these girls are currently serving missions except for Julie and I. Who woulda thunk?

This precious quote.

Group Texting with Mom and Annie.

These toy cars floating around as Jason attempts to make things a little more masculine around here.

Jazz games.

The return of this video.

New shoes from mama.

Getting together with Virginia friends.

This boy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I miss my friends. They're all serving missions or living all over the place. 

Katherine went to the MTC today- Philippines bound.

Maddy went to the MTC today- Brazil bound. 

Natalie has been in the MTC for a few weeks- Chile bound.

Quincy is in Brazil.

Katie is in Chicago.

Jerusalem Girls. (Marcie coming home soon, Lisa leaving soon.)

It'll be a happy day when we're together again. Good friends are such a great thing and I'm so proud of all of them for the adventures they're on. It's pretty incredible. 
Love you girls.