Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Media Moments

I'm currently enrolled in a class called Media, Family and Human Development. I chose this class just as a "filler" of sorts because I don't really need it or the credits but I like the teacher and had the time so why not?

We spend our 2.5 hour class periods (yeah... that long) talking about various types of media and it's effects on the family. I love it! We spent a significant amount of time talking about infant media (like Baby Einstein), media's effects on children's attention spans, video game and it's addictive characteristics, and even blogs! It's great.

Anyway, as part of my class we're supposed to keep a blog where we document our experiences with the media. It's not all that exciting but it's kind of fun to think more about the media that I interact with all around me.

So if you're interested: http://sarasmediamoments.blogspot.com/


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