Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding: Julie & Cam

My best friend Julie got married and thankfully I kept my tears to a minimum the whole weekend. I'll admit that I welled up the first time I saw her after her sealing. I just was so happy for her- especially to see her so happy.

Wedding festivities included a day with the girls with pedicures, shopping, lunch, and a hair appointment. Then there was a rehearsal dinner, a night with the girls at a fun hotel, and some swimming. After hugging the future Mrs. Hardy in her newly embroidered robe she was off to get sealed to her sweetheart. When I showed up at her house for her reception I was lucky enough to help her into her wedding dress and spend a few precious moments with my best friend the newlywed.

After the reception, we were rushing around helping Julie get ready to leave. As we walked away from her, Jordann and I quickly turned around because we had to say our goodbyes to our best friend. We had a last hug before she officially started her life with Cam and it was another tender moment with the girl who has been my person since we met four years ago.

The weekend was perfect. Not only for Julie but for me too. My mom met me in Phoenix and it was exactly what I needed to spend some time with her shopping and lounging at our hotel. I also have some of my favorite cousins living in Scottsdale that I got to see.

Now the downside of the trip... I forgot my camera. Stupid. So I've totally stolen all these pictures from Courtney, my mom and Julie's photographer (a preview's on the photographer's blog)

But Julie: congrats! I couldn't be happier for you. You've been the first person I call when I need to cry or need to scream out of excitement and you always react exactly the way my best friend should. You've been my person to confess my secrets to. You've been sounding board, my counselor and my mom. You've been completely unselfish when I've needed you most. Cam is one lucky guy to have your fiercely loyal self in his corner. You're my best friend, my person and my sister.

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