Thursday, June 14, 2012

this summer

This summer I'm recuperating from my roller coaster of a life. That means going home. Thank goodness because home is the most healing place in the world and I need some healing. I'm going to work, go to the gym, hang by the pool, read some books, take some virginia drives, be with my friends, be loved by my family, babysit some kids I adore, explore dc, go to baseball games, shop, and again, just heal.

I couldn't be more excited and I couldn't possibly need it more.

I always find another piece of me, walking down these old familiar streets, thank God for hometowns, and all the love that makes them go round... and all the faces that won't forget you, and when you're lost out in this crazy world, you got somewhere to go and get found. Thank God for hometowns.


  1. love this short little post. so excited for you to spend some time at home, cute girl!

  2. I love and adore you Miss Sara. I may just have to come back to VA for a little bit.. for some healing myself! Don't stay too long though- I may need you back for when I possibly move to Orem!