Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremonies

To celebrate the London Olympics, the Neels graciously hosted a party for us! Everyone brought themed treats and we socialized, munched, and critiqued the opening ceremonies. We all dressed for the occasion of course because lets be honest, it's what we do best (along with eating). Thankfully Erin was there to tell us what was going on because the rest of us weren't listening to Matt Lauer's commentary.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I decided to go to Boston last weekend to visit Sarah G and mostly because I just... could.

I spent most of the weekend wandering around seeing the sights and had a great, relaxing, fun weekend. However, I have become a horrible tourist since my London days and don't take many great pictures. Oh well! I love love loved Boston. I'm such an east coast girl it's crazy.

Until next time Boston!

Tea Time

In case you didn't know, I have a mini me. Her name is McKenna and I've been babysitting her since she cuddled with me and her bottle. My dad once confused her kindergarten picture with a picture of me. We're basically twins. Well, sisters. She used to tell some of her friends that we were sisters. 

So we decided to have a girls day and take her to tea and shopping. We had a great afternoon chatting, trying on shoes, eating treats, doing nails and playing with make-up. 

I love this sassy girl.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the fourth

On the fourth of July this year we made the trek to the Nats Stadium to show our "Natitude". So after prepping our patriotic outfits and Nats gear, experiencing some metro confusion and braving the heat- we watched our Nats play some baseball. Annie and I had to leave before the game ended to make it back to work that afternoon but we ate some peanuts and hotdogs, saw some home runs and took some pictures. It was the perfect way to spend the fourth.

PS: a delayed post because I've had some other things on my mind. And I was too lazy to get my camera cord, camera and computer in one place at once. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Storm

There was a crazy wind storm last week. I was babysitting and was instructed to turn the news on to keep up on the status of it. I called my parents to make sure I wasn't crazy because I wasn't hearing anything going on outside. They agreed that nothing was happening.

Then about 20 minutes later the wind kicked up in full swing. So because of the violent winds I shuttled all 4 kids to the basement in case of falling trees. Despite some initial freaking out, the kiddos calmed down and we hunkered down with flashlights and a laptop to watch iCarly. The power then went out and I eventually went home once their parents came home.

Our power was out at home where Annie informed me that I couldn't use any of the toilets because she used them all and we didn't have water. After a few minutes I realized that was ridiculous and of course we had running water, just no electricity.

I worked the next morning and was praying the power was out so I wouldn't have to- no such luck. But I did get the chance to charge my phone! Then to avoid our hot house we went to dinner and a movie. The coolest place in our house was the basement so we tried to enjoy any ounce of cool air we could.

By Sunday it was unbearable. So we booked a hotel and played Scattegories and had Shaunessy come over so that we could enjoy some electricity.

After 2 days of no power, thankfully the electricity clicked back on during our night away so we are loving air conditioning around the clock in this horrible Virginia heat and humidity.

Marcie the Humanitarian

This is my bff and my sister Marcie:

She's a world traveler, an optimist, sassy to the core, empathetic, loyal, incredibly faithful, beautiful and a humanitarian.

So we're sending her off to Nicaragua with HELP International to be her wonderful self and do some good for the world. Because well, someone's got to and why not send one of the best people I know?

Help her get there. Donate because believe me- you want her to go. Anything will help.