Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Storm

There was a crazy wind storm last week. I was babysitting and was instructed to turn the news on to keep up on the status of it. I called my parents to make sure I wasn't crazy because I wasn't hearing anything going on outside. They agreed that nothing was happening.

Then about 20 minutes later the wind kicked up in full swing. So because of the violent winds I shuttled all 4 kids to the basement in case of falling trees. Despite some initial freaking out, the kiddos calmed down and we hunkered down with flashlights and a laptop to watch iCarly. The power then went out and I eventually went home once their parents came home.

Our power was out at home where Annie informed me that I couldn't use any of the toilets because she used them all and we didn't have water. After a few minutes I realized that was ridiculous and of course we had running water, just no electricity.

I worked the next morning and was praying the power was out so I wouldn't have to- no such luck. But I did get the chance to charge my phone! Then to avoid our hot house we went to dinner and a movie. The coolest place in our house was the basement so we tried to enjoy any ounce of cool air we could.

By Sunday it was unbearable. So we booked a hotel and played Scattegories and had Shaunessy come over so that we could enjoy some electricity.

After 2 days of no power, thankfully the electricity clicked back on during our night away so we are loving air conditioning around the clock in this horrible Virginia heat and humidity.

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