Thursday, September 13, 2012

my friends are better than your friends

I can only assume that everyone's getting sick of me talking about what great friends I have. Oh you're not? Well in that case:

My friends are better than your friends. Sorry, but it's true. I feel a little guilty because it seems like it has been forever that I have truly needed people to take care of me. Isn't it someone else's turn, can't I just be stable for heavens sake!? But no one seems to tire of going on walks with me, letting me squeal out of excitement then burst in to tears all in a matter of hours, going on diet coke runs, reassuring me that 22 isn't old no matter how Provo makes you feel, texting you to check in or simply just laying in bed watching TV with me on a hard day.

People are absolutely there when you need them to be. If I have learned anything in the last few months it's that. My friends are absolutely unbelievable and I love them all so so much.

While all my friends are incredible, I'm especially grateful for Katie and Katherine. We recently had a girls weekend where we shopped, stayed in a hotel and ordered room service. It was a great break from the stress that I can't seem to ever escape. Plus I got talked into buying new shoes which is never a mistake.

Also, I just applied for graduation. I think I'm having a continual panic attack about it. I'm now taking suggestions about what to do with my life. And yes, I'm dead serious. I need help. haha

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