Monday, October 1, 2012

fake it 'till you make it

I was doing some research for my weekly blog post for my internship last week and stumbled on this article where a mother talked about how she didn't teach her kids to say thank you or other niceties because she wanted her kids to say those things only when they meant them rather than "faking it" or just saying it out of obligation. The author of the article was uncomfortable with this mother's stance. She essentially just said that by teaching her kids to simply say sorry or thank you- even when they may not mean it- they have the skills so that when they really are sorry, they know how to mean it!

So she's saying you gotta faking it till you make it.

It's a principle I live by. Smile even if you aren't happy, pray even if you aren't sure it's doing anything, act like you know what you're doing at work even though you don't, be nice to people even if you aren't really friends with them. I figure that's what faith is, just doing what you're supposed to be doing until it works- because eventually it will work. It's a good confidence booster too. Plus, I'm pretty sure we're all faking it in some way or another.

I've been pretty good at "faking it" my whole life, but there's also something to be said about crying when you're sad and telling people when you need a little love. But you just can't be that way all the time. Because really, if people knew how much whining goes on in my head, or how much crying actually happens- they'd get sick of you and may think you're a little crazy.

Ironically, I'd been thinking about this and my parents sent me a note saying to "fake it till you make it"- how do they know these things?

So when completely confused, fake it till you make it. But if you don't want to fake it, you can come to me and we can cry together.

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  1. Can I just tell you that I miss you! I thought about you several times this summer but I'm a bad friend and didn't do anything about it. I'm glad to see you're happy and doing well. Love you!