Monday, October 8, 2012

lifelong friends

These are my best friends
Totally gorgeous. 

But anyway, I'm laying here late at night thinking about our awesome friendship and I just need to blurt out how much I'm treasuring it right now. 

The past year has been a rough one, for all of us. We've all had our own struggles and concerns but there isn't any doubt that we have each others backs. I have been constantly in awe of how above and beyond these girls have gone for me lately, they have kept me from crumbling under life's blows. We just seem to go through these periods where we really just need each other. 

My senior year in high school was one of those times. Towards the end we all were facing our individual trials, all different but yet- somehow the same. With the summer approaching, a lot of changes were in store. I was headed to BYU days after graduating high school, Marcie was moving to St. George and Lisa was being left at home without her best friends. Life was marching forward and we were freaking out. There was a night where the three of us stood in my room and just cried together (all the while Tanner was sitting in the car haha). It's a night that we will always remember and refer too often when we talk about how incredible our friendship is. 

Now as we're a little bit older, we still cry together. Because when your best friend is hurting, you're hurting too. It's a rare thing when we're all living in the same place at the same time but we've been blessed to be together when we've needed it most. But, it doesn't even matter if we're together because it's just nice to know that your friends are out there whenever you need them.

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