Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Last year Thanksgiving was somewhat of an emotional mess. I will admit though that holidays bring out the sappy side of me so I'll try to keep it under control. 

I am incredibly thankful this year for friends and family who love me and take such good care of me.
I'm thankful that I'm graduating in a few weeks and that I have a lot of opportunities available to me. (even though it's totally freaking me out)
I'm thankful that people are always willing to help- even if I may resist it.
I'm thankful for the jobs I've had this semester and the great people I work with.
I'm thankful that I'm starting to love utah. *gasp*
I'm thankful for my Savior and how He takes good care of me along with my Heavenly Father.
I'm thankful for the hope that the Gospel can bring when the future is daunting.

I'm trying really hard to be a little more thankful and notice the things around me that I may take for granted and remember how blessed I am.

Happy Thanksgiving- may we all eat until we're stuffed, take a power nap, watch football and be with ones who love us.

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