Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The two words to describe my Thanksgiving are shopping and food

We started Thanksgiving week with our first Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's house with the Snow family. It turned out that everyone was going to the in-laws or their other sides of the family so on actual Thanksgiving day no one would be around. So we celebrated the Sunday before so everyone could be there. We ate and ate and ate. Then I did all the dishes (with some help).

Then in the few days before break, like a true nerd, I was thrilled to have my apartment to myself for a day or so to clean and work. I cleaned my whole apartment and then staked a spot in front of the tv to indulge in One Tree Hill while I graded papers, worked on my final project for my internship and painted my nails. It was just lovely.

Thanksgiving morning we headed north to the tune of Taylor Swift to go to my aunt's house for a weekend with the Turner side of the family. I was instrumental in making the punch and that was about it. Otherwise I ate until I thought I might die, played with little cousins, chatted and mostly just waited until we could go shop. I don't say that lightly. We went to Park City to go to the outlets to do some shopping around 10pm and we didn't get home until nearly 7am. We were racing the sunrise. We got plenty of great finds, spent far too much money and slept in the car. The next day while I waited for Annie and Shaunessy to wake up (which was around 3pm), I did more shopping and wandering around to kill time. Friday was a pretty relaxed day. Saturday we spent our final day seeing a movie, more family time and finally to City Creek and Hires. We had a lot of fun with the Hansens, spent far too much money, and got very little sleep. 

To sum up, I cannot spend money ever again and I should probably spend most my time at the gym to work off everything that I ate. Sounds like a successful Thanksgiving to me!

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  1. You should add one more thing to this sentence: "We had a lot of fun with the Hansens, spent far too much money, and got very little sleep,"WHICH IS ALL TOTALLY NORMAL FOR THE HANSENS.