Thursday, January 10, 2013

instagram christmas

Instagram is swiftly becoming my favorite source of social media so here's a collection of my numerous instagrams over winter break with some other pictures for good measure...

Our Christmas Day is always spent snacking on chips and salsa
A common sight on this couch...
Reminiscing her childhood successes

A pregame nap before the Skins play & Les Miserables on Christmas Day

Matching church shoes, so trendy & Christmas Eve ice skating

White House sisterhood & Christmas Eve photoshoot

Nikki celebrating Christmas & redecorating the beach house by disposing of anything Yankees

A beachy Christmas Tree & A mini Christmas White House

Minute to Win It at the beach & Les Mis

Mom & Dad preparing for grandparenthood & White House Christmas

And the before & after of our balloon mishap on New Years

Then I had this to be excited for when coming back to Utah...  


My parent bought a beautiful new beach house in the Outer Banks this year and I got the chance to finally see it over winter break. So we drove down after Erin's wedding, arrived at 2:30am, got pulled over once, and spent the weekend relaxing. We played banana grams, took walks, and did lots of snacking. We love our little beach town it's our home away from home. 

We were there over new years and had some friends that happened to be down as well so we did some celebrating together. We had dinner and played our beach minute to win it games. We also partook in one of their traditions of releasing balloons to say farewell to the last year and welcome the new year. We wrote down things we wanted to let go of from the last year and wishes for the next year, attached them to our balloons and let them go.

The next morning, I woke up without power and this view out of the window:
Whoops! After the electric company came and turned our power back on, they told us that it was indeed the balloon that tripped up the power. We retrieved the balloon and it was somewhat melted. Still haven't decided if that was a good or bad omen for that person's year... 

les miserables

My obsession with Les Miserables is no secret, I've loved it since high school and only became more obsessed when seeing the musical in London (twice). So of course when the movie was coming out I tried to hide my excitement a little bit out of fear that it would totally overwhelm me.

Then mama got us tickets to the play downtown so we got a double dose of Les Mis over winter break. Needless to say I had tears running down my face every time and had countless conversations about both afterwards. There really isn't much to say except for how much I love it. Mostly Fontine this time, I still can't listen to I Dreamed A Dream without crying, completely heartbreaking. While that is partly the song, it may be partly my issue with frequent crying, which is a story for another day.

white house

First of all- I am a horrible blogger and have considered kind of taking a "blogger break" but this is more fun than my journal (which I have also been horrible about), so apologies as I update for my own sake. 

When home in Virginia it is mandatory to take multiple DC trips. One of our biggest adventures this year was to go on a tour of the White House with some of our closest friends. I've done this tour before but it's especially fun at Christmas time because they go all out to make everything so festive! Apparently there are 42 different Christmas trees throughout the whole White House. So even though we may not be fans of the current residents, it was fun to see all the decorations! We even got some crafting tips from the employees which we greatly appreciated.

The tour was followed up by an unnecessarily long walk to lunch and some sore feet because I always chose fashion over comfort. I want to say I regret it when I do that, but I don't.