Thursday, January 10, 2013

instagram christmas

Instagram is swiftly becoming my favorite source of social media so here's a collection of my numerous instagrams over winter break with some other pictures for good measure...

Our Christmas Day is always spent snacking on chips and salsa
A common sight on this couch...
Reminiscing her childhood successes

A pregame nap before the Skins play & Les Miserables on Christmas Day

Matching church shoes, so trendy & Christmas Eve ice skating

White House sisterhood & Christmas Eve photoshoot

Nikki celebrating Christmas & redecorating the beach house by disposing of anything Yankees

A beachy Christmas Tree & A mini Christmas White House

Minute to Win It at the beach & Les Mis

Mom & Dad preparing for grandparenthood & White House Christmas

And the before & after of our balloon mishap on New Years

Then I had this to be excited for when coming back to Utah...  

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