Thursday, January 10, 2013

white house

First of all- I am a horrible blogger and have considered kind of taking a "blogger break" but this is more fun than my journal (which I have also been horrible about), so apologies as I update for my own sake. 

When home in Virginia it is mandatory to take multiple DC trips. One of our biggest adventures this year was to go on a tour of the White House with some of our closest friends. I've done this tour before but it's especially fun at Christmas time because they go all out to make everything so festive! Apparently there are 42 different Christmas trees throughout the whole White House. So even though we may not be fans of the current residents, it was fun to see all the decorations! We even got some crafting tips from the employees which we greatly appreciated.

The tour was followed up by an unnecessarily long walk to lunch and some sore feet because I always chose fashion over comfort. I want to say I regret it when I do that, but I don't.

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