Sunday, March 31, 2013


Every year on Easter my favorite part is singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives and this year was no different. It is my favorite hymn and an excellent reminder of my Savior. So, I wore my brightest pink blouse to church and enjoyed the hymn just like I do every year. The Snow family then celebrated with a Mexican food dinner, just like we enjoy doing with most occasions.  We listened to my uncle Kelly's stories, enjoyed fried ice cream and snuggled on couches. 

So while I love snacking on the chocolates my mom sent me (even though I accused her of trying to fatten me up), wearing bright spring colors, and finding easter eggs at church, I love celebrating the hope of Easter even more. I'm thankful for the second chances and the renewing that comes with this holiday. 

"Each of us will have our own Fridays- those days when the universe itself seems shattered and the shards of our world lie littered about us in pieces. We all will experience those broken times when it seems we can never be put together again. We will all have our Fridays. 
But I testify to you in the name of the One who conquered death- Sunday will come. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come. 
No matter our desperation, no matter our grief, Sunday will come. In this life or the next, 
Sunday will come."
Elder Joseph B Wirthlin

Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

spring break 2013

Even though I'm not technically a BYU student anymore, I'm still around the culture and that means that I didn't get a spring break. I was working all week while I was being bombarded with everyone's social media posts about their spring break trips. However, this was the first week of spring weather which may make me happier than anything ever.

So we hosted our own spring break. My roommate Annie and I decided to have a spring break activity every afternoon after school and work. So we walked across the street to get candy and diet cokes, went shopping, gave ourselves pedicures, went hot tubbing, went for a walk by Utah Lake and I went to the park with some other friends. Even though it was not the break we envisioned we had a great time enjoying the warm weather.

snow cousins

A few weeks ago Jared blessed his little Logan and all the Snow cousins showed up to support. The following is what happened when we attempted to get a cousin picture...

We ended up with a pretty great shot where as usual, Chalisse and I are holding hands. We couldn't help but reminisce about our favorite family picture from when I was probably 5 where we sported blue t-shirts and jeans that were horribly high waisted with a terrible wash. The pictures also include and very grumpy Chalisse with a pouty face and a tear stained Annie being held up in the background by my dad.

We also got this pretty great shot of us during church. No one ever accused us of being perfect.