Monday, May 20, 2013

BYU graduation

While I may have graduated a little bit behind schedule, I finished nonetheless. I finished up in December but had the official ceremony in April. I wasn't too passionate about the whole thing but my family was coming to town and I had no reason not to. But I'm really glad that we did. 

My parents came to town and the first day was the commencement where Elder L. Tom Perry spoke. Then the next day was the School of Family Life convocation where they actually said my name and I walked across the stage in the Wilk. 

BYU has been one of the better experiences of my life. I always assumed I would go there and when I got wait listed I was quite upset. Eventually I was admitted to attend the summer term before everyone else in the fall. While initially frustrated by the news it ended up being amazing. The friendships that I made that summer are still my best friends today. 

Through the years I made friends, chose the perfect major, got to know amazing professors, worked as a teaching assistant, participated in clubs, completed an internship, did some awesome research and of course studied in London. I was asked to give a quote to The Universe and give my advice to BYU students where I advised everyone to participate in every opportunity to make the most of the college years. 

And now I'm a BYU Alum. Holy Cow.

An specially fun part of graduating was that I got to do it with Lisa. We graduated high school together and then got to graduate college together. Such a blessing to have moved through life with her by my side. Thankfully we have aged gracefully thus far.

My family is such a great support and I think they were probably more excited about me graduating than I was. Thank heavens for them cheering me on.

Go Cougars!

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  1. College grads already? Gosh, stuff like this makes me tear up! Love you so much!