Friday, June 14, 2013

Hometowns: Washington DC

Chalisse and I made a trip east to go to the beach and of course stop in to my hometowns. Yes, hometowns, plural. There's Herndon. My sweet little town where most my life was spent, where my people are and where there are so many memories. Then there's Washington DC. The city with a soft spot in my heart. When I was little I resented it a little bit because we were always taking the out of towners to do the same old things- museums, monuments, tours. Boring

Hello! What a silly child I was. I'm so in love with DC. Eastern Market mornings, dinners at We the Pizza, cupcakes in Georgetown, late night monument walks, the First Ladies exhibit, London reminiscing at Nandos, posing with Einstein, National Christmas Tree, Kennedy Center shows, metro rides, the 4th of July fireworks, Nats games, National Zoo and ice cream in Old Town. *swoon*

I feel a reminiscent post coming on... 
Okay fine. I'll post about Chalisse later. Here are just some of the many, many DC pictures with some of the many, many visitors who have stopped through my city. There are even some pictures of some cute boys and fabulous girls who are some of my very best friends.

Roy, Ryan, Me walking along the reflecting pool

Nick, Ryan, Roy, me with the Washington Monument... post a random rainstorm

A stop at the National Zoo when Julie was in town with Collin, Josh, Roy, Lisa, Nick, Will, Julie, me and Ashley

An amazing self-timer shot with the Capitol and Julie

Washington Monument with Jules (and a great tourist)

Eastern Market with Quincy

The Library of Congress with Q-Baby

Eastern Market with Mama

WWII with James Wheat

National Christmas Tree with Mary Kate and Katherine

Washington DC Temple with Katherine, Steven, Mary Kate, Katie and Jared

Washington Monument by the Vietnam Memorial with AT

Nats Game on the Fourth

Serendipity in Georgetown

White House Tour at Christmas with mom, Annie, Neels and Wrights

Lincoln with Q, Katherine, Mary Kate

Old Town Stroll with Mary Kate and Katherine

Capitol from the Newseum with Mama

A stroll around the Capitol with Katherine before a We, the Pizza stop

Old Towne in the rain with Lauren and Katherine

As mentioned, there have been many other visitors but not many pictures. I love this city of mine, one of my hometowns. Now I know this will beg the questions- "Why not move back?" to which I answer- "no comment"

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