Sunday, June 16, 2013

Turner Beach Mansion

My parents have been vacationing in Avon, NC in the Outer Banks since before I was even alive. I spent my first birthday there, we've brought friends and family to stay with us, and created millions of memories in our little Avon.

This year Chalisse and I flew out to go with my parents and some of our dearest family friends came too. Greg: one of the most hilarious women I know and one of my mom's oldest and most adventurous friends. Ann: my very first babysitting and good friend of my parents. Carrie: one of my dad's greatest friends who always gets a laugh out of everyone. 

We had a great time and here are some of the highlights: 

Puzzles: We got one puzzle that we completed with some ease and enjoyment. Then I got another puzzle that I thought would create a little bit more of a challenge with some more pieces. And well... I got some grief for that. We ended up staying up late and doing a lot of complaining. We finished it though, mostly because I "forced" everyone to work on it because it was my birthday.

Lipstick: Greg somehow tracked down these magical lipsticks. They come in crazy colors (ie blue, green, yellow, black) but change colors to match your skin tone. They're quite entertaining and have become a staple to my morning routine.

Bike Rides: We have some great beach bikes and a great neighborhood to explore. We even made a grocery store run. What could be beachier?

Pool Floating: At our new house the best part about it is our very own pool. Nothing could make me happier than turning on some music and floating in the pool... with a Diet Coke close by of course.

Beach Walks: This trip we spent very little time on the beach. Chalisse and I took I think 2 walks up and down with only our feet touching the water. 

Snow Cones: The ultimate beach treat are our treasured snow cones. They are the best ones out there and we are sure to make multiple stops through the week. The owner knows who we are and we just can't get enough.

Cartwheels: We took a trip down to see the Hatteras Lighthouse and wanted to have some more exciting pictures than just standing there so we went for cartwheels. We got some great action shots and some... less than great shots. The not so great ones will be kept safe. 

These are just some of the highlights, I didn't even mention sunburns, lots of guacamole, the license plate game, kayaking, apple uglies, room dedications, afternoon Grey's Anatomy naps, and scattegories. Our beach trips have some great memories and will have many many more.

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