Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Liz Lemon Days

Sometimes I feel so like Liz Lemon it's eerie. You know those days where you just feel like a mess? Those are my Liz Lemon days.

Today nothing necessarily wrong happened, I just felt like a mess. I'm in the process of moving apartments so I have clothes and my junk in like 8 different places. I had a lot of "what is wrong with people!?" moments because really... what is wrong with people!? I had some moments where I just thought, "of course this would happen". 

How do you cope with these oddities of life? Here are my personal suggestions:
1. Book pedicures with your favorite co worker for during your lunch break tomorrow
2. Devour left over pizza
3. Remember how you decided with your roommate that, "together, we are flawless"
4. Run off the pizza on a treadmill while trying not to laugh at the guy next to you with a hairy back
5. Send snapchats of the hairy man to your friends
6. Have a movie night with a friend to sulk about life together

And finally:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

i can see clearly now

Last week I got LASIK, happy graduation to me! (thanks mom and dad!) I was a little nervous about it because the concept of sometime doing surgery on your eye is creepy, frankly. But the end result was just so appealing! Clear vision, ALL the time!? Not having to bring what feels like a lifetime supply of contacts and my glasses every time I stay over night somewhere.

It was overall a very strange experience, with a great outcome don't get me wrong. It was the weirdest thing to come out and I could tell that I could certainly see better but through a sort of haze. The first day I was slightly uncomfortable but nowhere near what I had expected based on other people's experiences. Then the next few days were quite unpleasant. I sympathize with the blind! I couldn't see and it was the oddest thing not to be able to just put on my glasses or pop in contacts. I was stuck unable to drive and unable to even lounge and really watch TV. So what do you do exactly? Thankfully I have some sweet friends who swung by, my mama in town, lots of entertaining snapchats, and episodes of Newlyweds (specifically where Jess gets Lasik, thanks Whitney!).

But now, the rain and fogginess is mostly gone thank heavens and I can seeeee! It's a miracle. So far the strangest thing is the nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something every night because I don't have to take out my contacts.

Thankfully I didn't end up like Liz Lemon and her off brand Lasik that made her start crying out of her mouth. Or like Jessica Simposn who wandered around with her bug eyes.