Monday, September 23, 2013

September Photo Dump

Dearest Blog,

I'm sorry that you so often get neglected. I often use you as the site to see if my internet is working and to show pictures sometimes. Apparently you are used as a way to connect to other blogs (Stacy). And others refer to blog posts because I'm just so funny (Annie O). I know you're here in the corner of the internet and I'm not ignoring you but you are loved and will be used "lightly" for now. So here are some pictures of my life. Mostly me with friends.

Final dinner date before Lisa moved to Logan and Marcie moved to Arizona

Volunteering at a volleyball tournament in SLC

Zorb soccer tournament

Late night Del Taco runs

Dancing in SLC

Rainy BYU football games

"Family" Dinners

Obstacle course races at work

Party Plannin'

Sports day at work

Blondie Soul Sister

Diva Weekend J. Crew Trip

Prego Best Friend

Mandatory Cousin Nights

Also- latest motto?

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