Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding: Marcie & Craig

We ventured down last weekend to St George to celebrate our Marcie. Lisa, Ryan, Annie and I all road tripped together and Ryan had to endure more girl talk then any guy ever should. Whoops. Marcie was beautiful, it was so fun to see her family and her smiling face. 

We had a bridal shower the night before where we giggled and chatted, ya know, what girls do. It lasted late into the night and was so fun. None of us realized we had never seen Marcie since she even got engaged! Crazy. The next day was beautiful at the St George temple and then there was a beautiful, fun reception that night. But really, the best part is always spending time with my people. My Herndon/Virginia people. Saying we're friends just isn't at all accurate. We're family. 

Congrats Marcie & Craig!!!

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