Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby Girl

Last summer my best friend Julie shared the news that she was expecting, I couldn't have possibly been more excited. We were having a baby! A baby girl! I love all things pink and sparkly and Julie so you know that baby girl was going to be spoiled! We had a little shower to celebrate, just a breakfast with some friends and pink gifts.

Then I waited on pins and needles the day that she was due to come. I couldn't have been more excited. Once I got a picture of our baby girl I just kept pulling it up on my phone because she was just too perfect! I texted the picture to my family immediately and my dad responded by saying, "it feels like we're having a grandchild!" So true, baby girl has been dubbed my first "niece".

The day after she was born I stormed the hospital with treats ready to snuggle sweet Alexandra. I couldn't stop staring at her! She's perfect and Julie and Cam were immediate natural parents. I haven't stopped spoiling the Hardy's since. I can't help but keep buying her clothes. She is going to be the most stylish girl if I have anything to say about it!

A couple weeks ago Maddy and I were talking about how we might just be actual grown ups now. Baby A may just be evidence of that. We've got a baby! I love that sweet little girl and I cannot WAIT to continue to spoil her. 

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