Saturday, February 22, 2014


Ever have days that you just can't seem to stop laughing at yourself? That was today... okay wait that's most the time these days. I find myself shaking my head, laughing and uttering "my life..." more often than is probably normal. Today was the epitome of that...

  1. Every Friday Quincy, Katherine and I go to Zumba. I slept through it and forgot so there went our dance party work out.
  2. I then got ready to go to the gym a little bit later, got in the car and on my way decided to stop for breakfast. Then... I went home to eat it. No gym. 
  3. Katherine called to see if I wanted to go to lunch, and I said a quick "yes" once she suggested Chick fil a. I also told her that I had not showered yet for the day so I threw on some clothes and threw my greasy hair into a sweet little bun. Obviously I looked gooooooood.
  4. We ran over to get pedicures where we then quickly bumped them and ruined it. Of course. I blame winter.
  5. Later I decided that it was time for a serious car wash. Of course on the way I stopped at Sodalicious for a dirty Diet Coke. On the way to the car wash I dropped my drink in my lap. Diet Coke EVERYWHERE. We couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't sit down in my seat. So we dangerously continued on our way to the car wash with me basically standing trying to drive. 
  6. While waiting for my car, we diagnosed my wet butt and everything I sat on got soaked. Whoops!
  7. Had to rush home to get cleaned up where Katherine and I had the following conversation...
Katherine: Shower with newly painted toes? Nervous.
Sara: I've gotta pick my battles. Sticky butt trumps painted toes.

Among all this messy day, Katherine found out she got into her top choice grad school! Yay for growing up! So naturally we celebrated by eating some more, Chilis for the win! Secret's out... I am in love with Chili's. 

While it may sound like a bad thing, I am perfectly happy with my laughable life. My sweet friends often shake their heads and laugh with me. Thank heavens for them, as always. It may be messy, but it's going pretty well I'd say. 

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