Tuesday, April 8, 2014

april fools

For those who know me well... okay for those who even know who I am, they know my love for Diet Coke. It's the only "food" at my apartment, I always have an empty cup (or 3) in my car, and everyone knows how to get me off on a tangent by asking where to go for a good drink. The point is, I'm in love. I'm addicted. I'm fine about it.

So when saying I love Diet Coke it goes without saying that I do NOT love Pepsi. I don't believe in restaurants where they have Pepsi products. This rings far too true:

Anyway, I digress. So April Fools day rolls around, who came up with the idea for that "holiday" is a fool by the way. So we sent out one of my coworkers to grab us lunch (Slab, as usual) and I asked for a Diet Coke (as usual). He brought me back a bottle and lunch. We were in our managers meeting and I'm sipping my usual drink. All the while thinking the drink was a little flat and not that good but hey, it's the bottle and we all know the fountain is so much better. 

Then they all start giggling to themselves so finally we asked what was going on. So they pulled out the Pepsi bottle and revealed the truth. They switched out my drink. Rude. 

The worst part? I was left to drink out of a Pepsi bottle for the rest of the day. And they even snuck a picture. Unbelievable. This holiday is the worst.

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