Thursday, September 11, 2014


In the middle of the summer we had a conversation that went something like, 
"Hey guys, should we go to San Francisco?" 
"Probably should" 
"Okay let's buy tickets"

The rest is history. 

It was a very spur of the moment, serendipitous trip. Natalie and I flew into San Jose (Quincy was going to meet us there), and got to the airport and decided then would probably be a good time to make some decisions about our trip. So we got a car on the spot, asked the car rental people what to do and ran into town to do what they told us. So we stopped at Flames for breakfast (car guy told us too) and to Santana Row to check out the downtown area. 

We then thought, "well... what should we do now?" So we decided to stop into Stanford in Palo Alto. We loved downtown and the campus was gorgeous. My favorite thing is to check out all the fun houses (and how much they cost), there were some truly darling houses. And that Cali weather.... to die for.

After prancing around Palo Alto and looking up the "interesting facts" in one of the million pamphlets we collected, we made our way up to San Fran. We spent the afternoon wandering around aimlessly just exploring the city. We had lunch at the Port of San Francisco and hung around Union Square (shopping, because duh) where we eventually met Quincy to explore Chinatown and head to the Giants Game.

The Giants game was definitely a highlight of the trip. It was SO gorgeous. Walking up we had gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge, we got there at the perfect time to see the sun setting a beautiful skies. We had a great time, made some friends, and ate some garlic fries which we heard were a must. 

The next morning Natalie and I had a truly perfect breakfast at Fisherman's Wharf (I'm still dreaming about it), grabbed our bikes and headed out for a ride across the Golden Gate.

It was so beautiful but this bike ride... was not easy. First of all it was SO hilly and steep in the beginning. We were told about one hill and I'm pretty sure at least half of it was up hill. Second of all, I am not all that great with a bike. The dilemma is that I'm not tall so I have to entirely get off a bike when we stop. Which created a lot of laughter for us along the way. No crashes, one close call, and one huge bruise but I survived. We rode over to Sausolito, got ourselves an ice cream cone and then took a ferry back to the city. Of course made some friends along the way- two girls to take our pictures and two men who told us all the great places to eat. 

While waiting to meet up with Quincy, we found random outlets to charge our phones and regroup (which seemed to happen frequently). We finally met up with Q Baby for good over at Pier 39 where we had a fantastic lunch with her mom and grandma. I don't eat seafood but the clam chowder and salmon was to die for. Then we shopped around and went for longest walk of our lives. 

We decided to go up to Coit tower to watch the sunset and see the views. Now we all know that San Fran is mostly hills.... oy. So we walked straight up a hill to get to Coit Tower (which was closed but had great views nonetheless) then all the way down the hill, then all the way back up another hill to Lombard Street. I now understand Mia Thermapolis's pain in Princess Diaries. 

We stopped off at Ghiradelli Square for more than our fair share of chocolate, a dessert to share and a great view of Alcatraz. We headed back to the hotel where I promptly fell asleep (and apparently said "diamonds" in my sleep, typical.) The next morning we went to a local ward then- of course - made some new friends and headed over to Golden Gate Park. Our starvation almost got the best of us, but we found food JUST in time to boost our moods. We took power naps in the park among the flowers before getting great ice cream at Bi Rite and lounging at the Painted Ladies. Apparently I took no pictures of the Painted Ladies but we have some excellent selfies to document our time there. We finished out the day with a great neighborhood discovery and excellent Mexican food.  

Monday morning we grabbed some breakfast (food was an excellent motivator on this trip) and took a lovely jaunt along the water for another Golden Gate view. We were really loving the windblown hair at this point and had various injuries to nurse but endured nonetheless.

Our final stop was to Alcatraz. We took a ferry over and toured the prison and saw "the rock". It was so cool and we were so so glad we did it. I look like a 5 year old with the headphones don't worry. A favorite part for me was just the views from the ferry. We were so lucky with awesome weather the whole time and it was a perfect way to finish the trip.

Now we just need to start planning our next trip, it was SO fun with these girls and we were in fits of laughter most of the trip. Now that I'm back people asked why I went and the best answer is, "because I could".

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