Sunday, March 1, 2015

Arizona Friends

Not long after getting back to Utah, I boarded another plane to go to Arizona and see all my girls. I have a surprising amount of people in AZ that I love. I spent most my time with Julie and Ali but of course got to see Marcie, Quincy and my Hansen cousins as well. We took little to no pictures of us but of course got some great ones of Miss Ali for her first birthday. 

It was great to check in on some of my people and enjoy a little warmer weather. I never turn down a reason for either one of those things!

Florida in December

My family planned a trip to Florida after Christmas and I'm pretty sure none of us went into it with any plans other than, SUN! So it was great to fly by the seat of our pants. We left on the day after Christmas but on Christmas Day we decided that Sallie needed to come with us. 

This was our celebration once it was official. Josh recorded this of us at the movie theater but quickly ran away due to be embarrassed by us.

But whatever, then we were in Florida where it was plenty warm to get in the pool and eat pizza in our swimsuits. I won't post the pictures of Sallie and my mom in their matching coverups they bought because they'd kill me so just imagine it for yourself.

After lounging by the pool for most of the day where Annie convinced everyone to get a temporary tattoo (mind you SHE didn't get one herself), we decided to go to Universal Studios. Mainly for Harry Potter of course. 

We played lots of silly games on our phones as we waited in all our lines (notably Heads Up and Would You Rather) and walked ourselves to death. But I'm still dreaming about the Frozen Butter beer so it's probably all worth it. Who am I kidding, we loved it. The lines were the best part of Harry Potter world because they had so much Harry Potter story to it! 

The next day we decided to lay low, lounge by the pool some more and recover from all our walking. We met up with our good friends the Stevens who happened to be in town as well for dinner and conversation. So fun to have so many great people around!

Then we headed to Disney World. I'm a serious Disney fan. I never think I really am but then put me in a Disney theme park and I'm a princess. Tears, sparkly Minnie Mouse ears, dancing, giggling... you name it. Happiest girl. We all had our rides that got the giggles out, namely my dad on Thunder Mountain and Sallie on Splash Mountain. I cried during the "Dreams Come True" performance. It was awesome, I love Disney. No shame.

We had a great, sunshiney trip and it was so fun to have a vacation and spend time together. Now I just need to find a time to go back...

Christmas 2014

 For Christmas, of course I headed home to Herndon! My original flight plans had me getting home on the 23rd and we were going to Florida on the 26th so I was happy to be able to change my trip and be able to have more time with my family and friends. My parents were really excited to see me....

I had a few nights with my friends in DC where we had a lot of serendipitous parking spots, christmas decorations, scare tactics, food and Kate Spade purses. 

But really the best thing is being at home. I mean really. My mom makes our house look awesome for Christmas so I can't help stealing her spot on the couch by the fire with her favorite blanket.

Christmas Eve are usually our big festivities (besides the shopping, the pedicures, the movies and the eating out all the other days). We met up with the Buhlers for lunch at Reston Town Center where I think we finally nailed a family picture after a lot of struggles over the break. Josh's height throws us off a little bit. 

Then that night we had our Annual Christmas Eve party where I think I may have finally aged out of the nativity because we have a new generation to take care of it. Although we were pretty stellar angels back in the day. After all the Mexican food, pizza and peppermint desserts we could handle we opened out Christmas PJ's. Which I'm now wondering if that is actually accurate... My mom may have gotten a little excited on December 23rd. Regardless we wore them again on Christmas Eve!

Of course we took in a Christmas movie in our PJs that Dad thoroughly enjoyed using his xray vision through his eyelids. 

Sexyback Thanksgiving

In a somewhat spontaneous way, we bought ourselves tickets for Justin Timberlake in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving break. I had Thanksgiving dinner, did plenty of late night Black Friday shopping then we started the drive on Friday afternoon! We drove right there, grabbed ourselves a quick dinner, got ready and headed over to see JT!

We schmoozed our way onto the floor for a bit and made some great friends with the DJ, waitresses and security before we headed to our seats for the show.

What's there to say? It was awesome. Justin is such a charmer, was so fun to see and we could only talk about how happy we were with our decision to go see him! We stayed the night, had the best Denny's breakfast I've ever had (I was starving) and headed back north!

My Cousin's Wedding: Megan & Gonzalo

Back in November, my cousin Megan got married! It was a wedding that was a long time coming as we had to get Gonzalo here from Uruguay. Once he was here though, the Snow party got started.

First, we had a fun Bridal Shower. The cousins put it together with the theme of "Falling In Love". It was great! Where we had our first of many photoshoots for the weekend. Better believe we're holding hands in all of the pictures. Getting Grandma into our pictures is always a battle.

Then came Wedding Day!!! Look at those smiling faces. We were huddled in groups for warmth, cheered and hugged as they exited the temple then made a mad dash for the car because it was FREEZING.

After rushing to our cars we caravanned over to grab lunch at Zupas and then all the rushing around began! We started the drive south to rush and get everything set up for the reception. They had a fun theme of travel and so the decorations were great! They had a ring ceremony which my dad conducted in both English and Spanish and everyone danced down the aisle. 

We then had some time to kill so what else would we do other than take more pictures of ourselves? So let the posing begin.

 This picture's my favorite. A lot of personality happening. Cambree and I are ready and posed, Josh working on his posing as well, everyone else signaling more of our crew over and adjusting themselves for a picture. This was very impromptu and the group kept growing as we stood there.

We have a pretty fun crew if I do say so myself. We love any sort of celebration but of course it's great to celebrate Megan and Gonzalo! Welcome to our crazy family of mainly girls that are hard to keep up with.