Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christmas 2014

 For Christmas, of course I headed home to Herndon! My original flight plans had me getting home on the 23rd and we were going to Florida on the 26th so I was happy to be able to change my trip and be able to have more time with my family and friends. My parents were really excited to see me....

I had a few nights with my friends in DC where we had a lot of serendipitous parking spots, christmas decorations, scare tactics, food and Kate Spade purses. 

But really the best thing is being at home. I mean really. My mom makes our house look awesome for Christmas so I can't help stealing her spot on the couch by the fire with her favorite blanket.

Christmas Eve are usually our big festivities (besides the shopping, the pedicures, the movies and the eating out all the other days). We met up with the Buhlers for lunch at Reston Town Center where I think we finally nailed a family picture after a lot of struggles over the break. Josh's height throws us off a little bit. 

Then that night we had our Annual Christmas Eve party where I think I may have finally aged out of the nativity because we have a new generation to take care of it. Although we were pretty stellar angels back in the day. After all the Mexican food, pizza and peppermint desserts we could handle we opened out Christmas PJ's. Which I'm now wondering if that is actually accurate... My mom may have gotten a little excited on December 23rd. Regardless we wore them again on Christmas Eve!

Of course we took in a Christmas movie in our PJs that Dad thoroughly enjoyed using his xray vision through his eyelids. 

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