Sunday, March 1, 2015

Florida in December

My family planned a trip to Florida after Christmas and I'm pretty sure none of us went into it with any plans other than, SUN! So it was great to fly by the seat of our pants. We left on the day after Christmas but on Christmas Day we decided that Sallie needed to come with us. 

This was our celebration once it was official. Josh recorded this of us at the movie theater but quickly ran away due to be embarrassed by us.

But whatever, then we were in Florida where it was plenty warm to get in the pool and eat pizza in our swimsuits. I won't post the pictures of Sallie and my mom in their matching coverups they bought because they'd kill me so just imagine it for yourself.

After lounging by the pool for most of the day where Annie convinced everyone to get a temporary tattoo (mind you SHE didn't get one herself), we decided to go to Universal Studios. Mainly for Harry Potter of course. 

We played lots of silly games on our phones as we waited in all our lines (notably Heads Up and Would You Rather) and walked ourselves to death. But I'm still dreaming about the Frozen Butter beer so it's probably all worth it. Who am I kidding, we loved it. The lines were the best part of Harry Potter world because they had so much Harry Potter story to it! 

The next day we decided to lay low, lounge by the pool some more and recover from all our walking. We met up with our good friends the Stevens who happened to be in town as well for dinner and conversation. So fun to have so many great people around!

Then we headed to Disney World. I'm a serious Disney fan. I never think I really am but then put me in a Disney theme park and I'm a princess. Tears, sparkly Minnie Mouse ears, dancing, giggling... you name it. Happiest girl. We all had our rides that got the giggles out, namely my dad on Thunder Mountain and Sallie on Splash Mountain. I cried during the "Dreams Come True" performance. It was awesome, I love Disney. No shame.

We had a great, sunshiney trip and it was so fun to have a vacation and spend time together. Now I just need to find a time to go back...

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