Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Cousin's Wedding: Megan & Gonzalo

Back in November, my cousin Megan got married! It was a wedding that was a long time coming as we had to get Gonzalo here from Uruguay. Once he was here though, the Snow party got started.

First, we had a fun Bridal Shower. The cousins put it together with the theme of "Falling In Love". It was great! Where we had our first of many photoshoots for the weekend. Better believe we're holding hands in all of the pictures. Getting Grandma into our pictures is always a battle.

Then came Wedding Day!!! Look at those smiling faces. We were huddled in groups for warmth, cheered and hugged as they exited the temple then made a mad dash for the car because it was FREEZING.

After rushing to our cars we caravanned over to grab lunch at Zupas and then all the rushing around began! We started the drive south to rush and get everything set up for the reception. They had a fun theme of travel and so the decorations were great! They had a ring ceremony which my dad conducted in both English and Spanish and everyone danced down the aisle. 

We then had some time to kill so what else would we do other than take more pictures of ourselves? So let the posing begin.

 This picture's my favorite. A lot of personality happening. Cambree and I are ready and posed, Josh working on his posing as well, everyone else signaling more of our crew over and adjusting themselves for a picture. This was very impromptu and the group kept growing as we stood there.

We have a pretty fun crew if I do say so myself. We love any sort of celebration but of course it's great to celebrate Megan and Gonzalo! Welcome to our crazy family of mainly girls that are hard to keep up with.

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