Monday, November 30, 2015

Prague, Czech Republic

Next up was Prague, we flew down and unfortunately I left my cell phone on the plane. Oops. So Natalie became the photographer for the rest of the trip. 

Prague Highlights: 
  • The views!!! So amazing with all the red roofs as far as the eye could see. Anytime we had the chance to get a view from above, we took it. 
  • Cinnamon Bread to die for. Fill it with chocolate and you're set for a sugar coma. 
  • Tourists everywhere. This was by far the busiest place we went with fellow tourists.
  • We had frequent conversations about our roles as we were at the castle. Naturally I was the Princess in each scenario.
  • The Jewish Cemetery was a cool experience.
  • We were dying over the couch in our Airbnb, it was huge and amazing.

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