Monday, November 30, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden

In October, we planned a European trip! We found cheap flights and it was a pretty easy decision to go after that. We booked all our stuff and we were off!

We planned to sleep on the flight but of course, Natalie was the only one who got any sleep. So we were a little delirious when we arrived in Stockholm but we fought through the jet lag! I think we stayed up until like 7pm. 

We stayed at an Airbnb where we stayed with this darling woman Brigitta. She made us homemade juice and mapped out what we should do and see while in Stockholm. She was so darling and had an amazing book collection.

Stockholm Highlights:
  • Blondes everywhere! And wearing chic black outfits. I was in love. 
  • Loved the Vasa Museum where the ship that sunk in the harbor is amazingly restored
  • We took an fun little boat tour and saw the gorgeous Archipelago islands
  • Church was fun, everyone speaks English which was really helpful. They said they speak so well because they watch American TV in English.
  • The water everywhere was gorgeous, even though it did make things a little brisk
  • Quincy burning her hair off due to a power surge and a curling iron
  • Stumbling on a fun bookstore we'd seen online before leaving 

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