Monday, November 30, 2015

Vienna, Austria

We took a train down to Vienna from Prague. My leg was killing me most the time we were there but, oh well. When in Europe!

Vienna Highlights:
  • We ran into some missionaries our first night from the US. It was fun to chat with them for a bit and they gave us some dinner recommendations.
  • Schronbrunn Palace was gorgeous, I love my palaces and this was no exception! Then I became obsessed with Princesses all over again. Princess Sissi being the main focus.
  • Our trip to Mathausen Concentration Camp was amazing. Sad of course but so interesting and something I think everyone should do at some point. 
  • The countryside around Mathausen was so pretty! It was exactly the way we pictured an Austrian town. 
  • Classical Musical Concert at St Charles was both a beautiful venue and beautiful music. No special appearances from Beyonce like I had hoped though. 
  • Random people kept waving to me around the city. For awhile I was convinced it was a Lizzie McGuire Movie situation and I had a famous lookalike.
  • We road the Prater Ferris Wheel which gave us some great views, and a little fear of heights.

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